10+ Amazing Features of Apple iPhone 5

Everyone knows how to use the iPhone as soon as they first get into their hands. This is because of its simple evolutionary Multi-Touch interface that is especially designed for the fingers. It has a simple home screen that is the easiest place to start. It has almost around 500, 000 applications that are available from the Apple store. It has amazing features from a Face Time call to the editing of a video in iMovie. Everything is easy, intuitive and fun to touch.

Here we have published all the specifications with detail of the iPhone 5. Everything has been reviewed what you need to know about the Apple iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 has more than 100 new features and it’s the most questioned iPhone by the users. It has stainless steel casing with all glass at the front and it is the thinnest most Smartphone on the planet. It also includes a front facing camera and a microphone at its back, sleep/wake button, noise cancellation microphone and a headset input.

There is an antenna along that supports all the wireless capabilities of iPhone 5. Here are some amazing Apple iPhone 5 features.

1. All New Design

2. 4 – inch Retina Display

3. Ultrafast Wireless

4. A6 Chip

5. All New EarPods

6. iSight Camera

7. All New Lightning Connector

8. Maps – Takes a Turn for the Better

9. Siri – Even More of What You’re Asking For

10. iOS – The World’s Most Advanced Mobile Operating System

11. iCloud – Your Content on All Your Devices

12. Built in Applications From Apple Store

13. AirPlay & AirPrint

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