10+ Best Screenshot Extensions for Chrome

Extensions have become a necessity to enhance the web surfing experience. Many browsers that include Firefox, Explorer, Chrome and Safari have some incredible functional add-ons that can be installed within seconds.

Google Chrome has beaten the most popular browser of the world Internet Explorer. It’s been gaining much popularity due to thousands of its extensions available to be used. The best extensions for browsers are those that give a feel of built-in features. Google chrome has been one of the best browsers that enhance the users experience through its huge collection of browser extensions.

Google chrome is very well known and famous among the users because of its simplicity, security and of course great extensions. This increases the productivity of chrome and increases the overall experience of using this browser even better. It’s been very difficult for a blogger or a web developer to manage different blogs, dealing with multiple clients at once and last but not least to stay productive. Fortunately chrome has solved this problem due to its great extensions that worked and helped a lot.

Here is the great list of screenshots of chrome extensions for bloggers and entrepreneurs. As chrome extensions have made extremely easy to screen capture so here we have provided you with a list of screenshots extensions for chrome. These are top Google chrome extensions that give awesome experience to the users and bloggers while browsing internet through Google chrome.

1. Lightshot

2. Wepware

3. Screenleap

4. Blipshot

5. Blimshot

6. Awesome Screenshot

7. Capture Webpage Screenshot

8. Screen Capture

9. Clipular

10. Quick Markup

11. Fotteria Screen Capture

12. YaCash Screenshot Uploader

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