10+ Best Siri Alternatives for Android

First to all those newly users to the technology world we would like to tell them that what Siri is? Most people know about siri that it’s a cool iPhone feature that act as a virtual assistance and respond to voice queries. Siri is intelligent assisting software that takes orders and answer to your question in plain and simple English. Siri has received most of the users attention since the time the iPhone 4S has been released. It is the personal voice assistant software with many awesome features. It has the ability to convert your speech into action and you can perform most of your task through your iPhone. But what should the android users do if they want to get the application like siri?

It actually runs in your Smartphone devices and all those who are crazy to have something cool like siri rush toward the best alternatives they could found to make their android device as smart as the iPhone. There is no denying the fact that it is a great feature. But do not get jealous as there are many alternatives to siri that are very easily available on internet.

In this post we are going to help you with awesome Siri alternatives that let you take the advantage of personal voice assistant through your android phone. These alternatives can bring some features to your android phones but they cannot cover all the features like siri. There are only few alternatives available in the android market for siri and many are free to use. Have a look at these top collections that are free siri alternatives.

1. Jeannie

2. Skyvi

3. Robin

4. Andy

5. Siri Lie Detector

6. Voice Answer


7. Suzy Lite

8. Siri Says Silly Stuff

9. TalkToMe Siri Android Style

10. Siri Tricks Free

11. Sirious! Android Siri Client

12. Maluuba

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