10+ Free Online Tools for Text to Speech Voice Conversion

Web has provided a very useful service that allows converting the text into speech. Majority of online users love to listen the articles rather than reading them. As listening saves time as well while reading is a very boring task to do. This is the reason that now most webmasters prefer to convert the text into speech for the convenience of the readers.

These speech services are very much common these days as most people have weak eyesight vision or sometimes many find it a boring work while reading all the essays and stuffs. This also helps in pronouncing the right word. Listening is although very much fun and user enjoy articles without getting the eyes hurt from reading too much.

To improve the reading efficiency more and more people are turning towards the text to speech technology. The new users might found it difficult to download and install software’s that includes speech engines and voices.

This speech program is also very helpful in making audio books. Convert your eBook to audio format and listen it on your way to work whenever you want to. It helps the people who have difficulty in reading to improve their reading skills with in no time.

We have shared top links that transforms your text into spoken words and you can even save the speech on to your computer for your future need. It helps a lot in learning foreign languages. Just paste the text into the box and listen to its oral version with correct pronunciation in order to improve the communication skills. These links will work for any kind of windows operating system. You can even edit your settings like in order to make the speech slow, loud or accurate as you want.

Browse through the list of free web based services that help in converting your text into speech. Now you can save plenty of time with these services. Download the different versions of text to speech free converter. Just sit back and enjoy listening to the things that you want to read.

1. Readthewords.com

2. Vozme.com

3. Codewelt.com

4. Spokentext.net

5. Naturalreaders.com

6. Ctrlq.org

7. Text2speech.org

8. imtranslator.net

9. Festvox.org

10. Wordtalk.org.uk

11. ispeech.org

12. ivona.com

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