10+ Fresh jQuery Plugins for Developers

JQuery is the most popular JavaScript feature that is very easy to use having many amazing features. It is the most accepted and common product of JavaScript that is widely used for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. It is just because of its core importance that people are very keen to learn this wonderful creation of the technology. Once you add jQuery plugins to your site it will work apparently and fastly with the ongoing work so therefore developers are in constant look for fresh and jQuery plugins along with the tutorials to get proper guidance step by step. Tutorials are the best thing for learning jQuery plugins with the more new and fresh released content on the web covering different new and latest aspects in order to make creation more authoritative and interactive.

Plugins actually help in providing assistance to perform desired action in convenient and speedy manner. So here are some interesting collection of fresh and cool jQuery plugins for designers and developers. In order to add spark in your website design get quick access to the available and breathtaking collection of latest and amazing jQuery plugins and tutorials.

1. iPicture

2. jQuery Masonry

3. tiltShift.js

4. Sly

5. Phono

6. Stellar.Js

7. Isotope

8. Wookmark

9. Slider Shock

10. Hammer.Js

11. iosScripts

12. TextExt

13. GalleryView

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