10+ Most Popular Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

Many Firefox versions have been released and many developers believe that the new version is the best browser that anyone can get. It could be even better if free add-ons are added as it integrates directly into the browser and offers many useful features. These add-ons will make the Firefox the world’s best browser ever and they are absolutely free like Firefox. If anyone is using Mozilla Firefox as the browser and wants to increase its performance then there is a need to install some add-ons. There are many popular Mozilla Firefox add-ons that are currently available in the market.

Mozilla Firefox is the most used web browser ever and even still better then Internet Explorer. There are many useful add-ons that are been used daily by many webmasters.

These add-ons help the users to enjoy a great experience with the tab placement as well functions that changes the buttons of refresh, home or stop to enhance HTML5 and JavaScript support. There are loads of add-ons that provide the functionality and customization of the users that are compatible with the Firefox. These great add-ons will enhance the browsing experience of Firefox.

Firefox is the most commonly used browsers that have millions of add-ons available. There must be many useful extensions for web designer or web developers for the better production. It helps to increase the coding and debugging speed.

If anyone wants to increase the security and privacy, synchronize the bookmarks or increase the Firefox tabs, spice up the Google and much more. Then there are many add-ons that any one need. The Mozilla Firefox web browser mostly used the Firefox add-ons for additional functions. Here we have published top Firefox add-ons or plugins that are really very helpful in the improvement of the performance of the browsers. These are very effective and useful especially for the internet users. Just check out the add-ons list.

1. Easy YouTube Video Downloader

2. Xmarks Sync

3. Google Translator for Firefox

4. Gmail Manager

5. ColorZilla

6. Image Zoom

7. PDF Viewer

8. Stealthy

9. AddThis

10. StumbleUpon

11. Webpage Screenshot in Firefox

12. Amazon “Add to Wish List” Button

13. Firebug

14. FireFTP

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