10+ Most Useful Mobile WordPress Plugins

Mobile technology is getting faster and every user is viewing their website from their iPhone or other smartphones. It has now become necessarily important that you create a friendly version of your WordPress site for the mobile phone. There are many top sites and blogs that have made mobile friendly websites. But there are many other websites or blogs that lack the mobile version.

It’s very much time consuming and expensive to implement a blog or website perfectly especially when using it through your mobile phone. There is a need of some support that can maintain the building blocks of a website or blog. WordPress plugins are the best support to any website or blog.

It’s really very hard to find the best plugins among so many best WordPress plugins. WordPress is the friendliest rich publishing platforms available these days. Webmasters love these WordPress due to its extensibility and great open source community. WordPress has very serious use in various projects and many commercial websites as millions of hard working bloggers share their valuable knowledge. There is a huge quantity of high quality WordPress plugins of every kind for the mobile phones.

WordPress is an open source platform that has originally gained its position in the market and has many premium offers that make it even stronger. It has now become a common trend that everybody is now going for mobile internet like through their iPhone, iPad or a wide range of cool and powerful smartphones. Now programmers and developers are working hard to create WordPress themes and plugins for mobile phones. Due to their wonderful efforts we are now able to see the WordPress sites through our mobile phone very easily. Here we have showcased some best mobile WordPress plugins for the users that help to pick the right one for your website.

1. WP Readable

2. WP Apptouch

3. Mobile View by ColorLabs & Company

4. OMFG Mobile Pro

5. Mobile Chief

6. WP Mobile Edition

7. Buddy Mobile

8. Mojaba for WordPress

9. WP Touch

10. Mobile Client Detection Plugin

11. Verve Mobile

12. Duda Mobile Website Builder

13. Mobble

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