10+ Top Freelance Blogs on Internet

Blogs are freelance designed websites that not only contain useful technical resources on different profession or business but also give interesting insights on freelancing itself. Most freelance blogs are beneficial for writers that give them a better idea to choose the most comprehensive and reliable resources. Blogs are divided into many categories whether you are specialized in animation, software development or anything between them blogs are for every one working in every field.

Most freelance blogging goes with the writing and for this one has to read many blogs to improve or sharpens its skills. It’s a good start to read well written articles in order to write innovative and appealing content. There are many good blogs with a long list to go on, below is the most beneficial list of freelance blogs on the web.

1. Freelancefolder.com

2. Freelancevenue.com

3. Beafreelanceblogger.com

4. Freelanceswitch.com

5. Odesk.com/blog

6. Essentialkeystrokes.com

7. Guerrillafreelancing.com

8. Freelancewriting.com

9. Bloggerfreelance.com

10. Blog.freelance.com

11. Freelance-zone.com/blog

12. Freelancetips.net

13. Creativefreelancerblog.com

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