10+ Top Safari Plugins for Better Output

There are many browsers that come up with its own set of advantages and features and we have a list of choices to choose from like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome etc.

In the Mac browsers two names rule the land one is safari for its speed and style and the other one is Firefox for its flexibility and functionality. Safari and Firefox both support the plugins but safari is the most favorable choice for Mac users and add-ons are its ultimate weapon. Safari browser has the ability to expand the plugins. It is a very important feature for all those using Mac OS X that which browser will support the plugins most. Firefox has one of the greatest benefits that it can be fully customized through the use of plugins and add-ons.

Are you concerned about the overcrowding of your browser? Although the safari browser have far less plugins than for Firefox but for those who are in search for safari plugins may be this list helps you out. In order to increase productivity safari provides wide range of plugins while surfing web. It also helps to make more unique and friendly user browser. Just have a look at these plugins that will surely help to improve the management of your time.

1. AdBlock

2. Twitter for Safari

3. Better Facebook

4. Exposer

5. 1-Click Weather for Safari

6. GMail Counter

7. Awesome Screenshot

8. Translate

9. My eBay Manager

10. YouTube Wide

11. Add to Amazon Wish List

12. Firebug Lite for Safari

13. Cloudy

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