10+ Top Social Plugins from Facebook.com

Facebook is a social media group that has social plugins for marketing from the tool kit of Facebook that helps to increase the productivity of your website. Social plugins let you see the activities of your friends what they have commented and shared on the web.

Social marketing has no limits on the web and it has turned the sites to an online market place for the selling of products and attracts customers at every possible point of reach. One of the easiest ways to make your online presence more social is the addition of Facebook social plugins.

There is lot of Facebook plugins that fulfills the social media needs. But all you have to do is to choose the right one from the huge selection. The Facebook plugins help to get involved deeply on websites using recommendations, likes and logins through Facebook.

These Facebook social plugins help to share your website content on Facebook and convert your website traffic into Facebook fans. There are many Facebook plugins that are focused on the social media needs of the website but choosing the right one for your website might be difficult.

Below mentioned are much different kind of Facebook plugins for your business with the guidance on how and when to use them.

1. Like Button

2. Send Button

3. Subscribe Button


5. Activity Feed

6. Recommendations Box

7. Like Box

8. Recommendations Bar

9. Registration

10. Facepile

11. Login Button

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