10+ Useful JavaScript Libraries for Developers

Browsing is one of the tools to publish and share visualizations and this requires user interaction. JavaScript is gaining ground in the field of interactive visualizations with more advance features being installed in the website. JavaScript’s plugins helps to enhance your website related tasks and keep your website one step ahead.

JavaScript libraries includes collection of pre-written JavaScript that allows to develop JavaScript based applications very easily especially for AJAX and other web-centric technologies. JavaScript provides the increase in speed of search engines that has made a compilation of language very feasible.

There is a great collection of JavaScript visualization libraries that helps to get started faster, flexible and with higher reliable tools to your website. Hopefully below listed JavaScript libraries are beneficial enough to meet all your web related needs.

1. jquery.com

2. Sencha.com

3. Openrico.org

4. Qooxdoo.org

5. Mootools.net

6. Dojotoolkit.org

7. Yuilibrary.com

8. Cross-browser.com

9. Oat.openlinksw.com

10. Orangoo.com/labs/AJS

11. Mochi.github.com/mochikit

12. Prototypejs.org

13. Jaydata.org

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