10+ Wonderful Collection of Windows 7 Icons

Windows 7 is the best operating system that has ever been brought out by Microsoft. It is far better than windows XP as it has lot more features. Every one suggests going for it if you are not using windows 7. Windows 7 deals with functionality and it has come with many preloaded themes and icons.

Windows 7 is very simple in use and there are many easy to use icons that bring out cool and willing effect. It’s very much interesting and imperative that you use such beautiful effects than any other kinds of themes. Windows 7 icons give you a wonderful opportunity to make the look and appearance of your operating system as much live and energetic as it can. It gives you a much dynamic feeling to your PC.

There are many icon collections and it’s hard to find that which one you like. There are many creative icons that are very incredible to many viewers eye. These high quality free icon sets helps to create the new icon sets due to its excellent color scheme, illustration and look and feel that gives a really cool and impressive look.

It’s a great way to change the icon of your desktop and to personalize it in your own way. Here we have showcased some customized windows icons. Browse through our great collection of new icon. These are amazingly very different Windows 7 icons that will surely inspire you.

1. Windows Icon

2. Windows Icon

3. Windows Media Center Icon

4. Social Windows Box Icon

5. Windows Download Icon

6. Folders Windows Icon

7. Programs Windows 7 Icon

8. Windows 7 Icon

9. Windows Icon

10. Apps Windows Users Icon

11. Social Windows Button Icon

12. Windows Icon

13. Programs Windows Icon

14. Folder Windows Icon

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