100+ Amazing Tattoo Designs for your Body

The tattoos are very popular these days whether you are a tattoo newbie or professional tattoo artists everybody wants some inspirational source for creating tattoos. Tattoos are very popular as people love to create an artwork on their body while giving it more attractive look. There are bunch of awesome tattoos and designs that give great ideas to use when deciding what tattoo you need. Before going ahead and getting your body designed with a tattoo it’s important to think and search what kind of tattoo you want to see on which part of your body that suits your personality. Tattoos are permanent so make sure to choose the right one before getting it inked to your body.

Tattoos could be anything from a simple butterfly design to any zodiac sign drawn amazingly with very nice colors like pink, blue or green etc.

If you are not clear that what kind of design you want then this is a great place to start. Click on the image to make it bigger so that you can view it in more detail. Just have a look at these amazing tattoos designs, hopefully you will find the one that you really want.

1. Tattooed Woman with Flowers

2. Tribal

3. A Couple

4. Red Koi Fish

5. Sugar Skull

6. Josh Koi WIP 3

7. Zombie Chic

8. My Otter Ride is Your Mom

9. Lotus Tattoo

10. Daddys Girl

11. Attractive Tattooed Caucasian Woman on Beach (ESD)

12. Kalaveras a Mano Alzada

13. Querida Muerta Tattoo by Jinx

14. Sick Foot

15. Flower Tattoo Feminine

16. Old School Rose – My First Tattoo

17. Owl Tattoo

18. Bombs Away

19. Dead Girl Tattoo

20. Monica Hires

21. Fairy Tattoo

22. Dream Catcher Tattoo

23. Okami Tattoo by Kobay

24. Brads Back

25. Sugar Skull by Craig Holmes

26. Hanya Mask

27. Phoenix

28. Derek Hess 2

29. My Tattoo

30. Trust Few, Fear None

31. Sniper Girl

32. Lois

33. Cross with Doves Tattoo

34. New Skool

35. Traditionalish Lotus and Waves

36. Skull Tattoo

37. Heather’s Dragon and Tree

38. Rottweiler Tattoo

39. Swallow

40. Skeleton Lovers Tattoo Scheleti Skull Tatuaj 

41. Day of the Dead by jinxiejinx

42. Day of the Dead Chick

43. Evil Cover Up

44. Jamie Flapper Girl

45. Backpiece

46. Rosses Tattoo

47. Dragonball Z Epic Tattoo

48. Neko Tattoo WIP

49. Dream Catcher

50. Freehand Flowers with Design

51. Neko Tattoo WIP

52. Back Shoulder Tribal Celtic Hybrid Tattoo

53. Skull by Charlie

54. Viking Tattoo Half Sleeve Progress

55. Kangaroo Tattoo

56. Skull Cover Up

57. Flower Sharpie Tattoo

58. Give Me a Guinness Bird Tattoo

59. Amy

60. Rose

61. Memorial for Dad

62. St Mike

63. Trav’s Dia de Los Muertos

64. Painterly Style Tattoo – Celtic and Eagle

65. Manatee

66. Music Tattoo

67. Dream Catcher

68. Christophe

69. Joker Again

70. Tank Girl Tattoo

71. Flow

72. Peacock

73. Demon Hand Tattoo

74. Angel

75. Fairy Girls

76. Skeletal Koi

77. SM

78. Heart in Angels Wings

79. Realistic Lilies

80. Skull and Gun

81. Koi First Session

82. New School Anchor

83. Lady Dead Tattoo

84. Freehand Flowers Orcid

85. Traditional Persian Lettering

86. Day of the Dead Cover Finished

87. Flower tattoo on Foot

88. Docs Leg Tattoo

89. Skull

90. Dont’t Fear

91. Tattoo

92. Memorial Tattoo

93. Vietnam Pow Sleeve

94. Rat

95. Day of the Dead Best

96. Koi Fish

97. Polinishian Tattoo

98. Flower Stars Tribal Tattoo

99. Norwegian Flora

100. Black Diamond Bridge

101. Lady Luck Hand Tattoo

102. Battleship Tattoo

103. Fire Fighter Pin Up

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