15+ Free Useful Tools for Website Speed Testing

We are very much aware of this great fact that internet users are very impatient when it comes to wait for a web page to load. To build a fast website browsing and to identify the troublesome there are many tools designed that can be incorporated into the web development process.

The speed of the website is the major part for the optimization of the website for users and search engines. As a web developer the individual is familiar with the importance of website speed testing. The faster the website loads, the less the users have to wait that will reduce the bounce rate of your sites. The website speed plays a significant role on the ranking from SEO point of view. If the loading time is good it will definitely place your website at higher rates.

We have gathered free tools that will suggest making things faster on your site while giving detailed information about the load speed and other things. This is the reason that the web gurus are very particular in advising the web developers and designers to follow tools and techniques that helps to load and operate the website swiftly without any bug.

The performance and capacity is significantly dependent upon the usability and in the end results to success. Intentionally helping you to build faster websites and recognize website performance we have listed some tools that will help you with the web development process. A speedy website attracts most visitors and retains visitors with the better usage experience.

1. Developers.google.com

2. Webpagetest.org

3. Pingdom.com

4. Gtmetrix.com

5. Internetmarketingninjas.com

6. Riverbed.com


7. iwebtool.com

8. Webwait.com

9. Loadimpact.com

10. Showslow.com

11. Site-perf.com

12. Octagate.com

13. Websiteoptimization.com

14. Neustar.biz

15. Rapid.searchmetrics.com

16. Zoompf.com

17. Webpagetest.org

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