15+ High Quality Titanic Wallpapers Collection

A film was shot in 1997 covering the story of a romantic disaster event. The leading role was played by Leonardo DiCaprico and Kate Winslet, both belonging to different social classes fall in love on the ship before its ill-fated maiden voyage. There are many high quality wallpapers collected from the movie scenes.

There are many best desktop titanic types of wallpaper that are available in all sizes. The latest and new high resolution titanic wallpapers are launched on the auspicious occasion of titanic anniversary. There are really high quality wallpapers that will definitely bring tears in anyone’s eyes with the horrible scenes that will flash in front of your eyes.

This disastrous event took place on 15 April 1912 when the RMS titanic that is a passenger ship collides with an ice berg in North Atlantic Ocean carrying more than 2000 passengers out of which 1500 were dead. It was the largest ship during the mid 19th Century.

Just set these fantasy wallpapers at your desktop that will keep thinking about that dreadful night. There is a huge collection of wallpapers that you can choose from the below category. These are the best Titanic wallpapers that are available on the internet.

1. Jack and Rose Dancing 3D Titanic Wallpaper

2. 3D Titanic Jack and Rose Looking each other Wallpaper

3. 3D Titanic Jack and Rose Wallpaper

4. Hugging Jack Rose 3D Titanic Wallpaper

5. Enjoy Pictures Titanic 3D Wallpaper

6. 3D Titanic Beautiful Rose Wallpaper

7. 3D Titanic Drawing Scene Wallpaper

8. 3D Titanic Charming Jack Wallpaper

9. Titanic – Kate Winslet – Leonardo D. Caprio Wallpaper

10. Titanic, Jack and Rose Wallpaper

11. 3D Titanic Jack and Rose Wallpaper

12. 3D Titanic Classic Scene Fly Wallpaper

13. 3D Titanic Jack and Rose Kissing Wallpaper

14. Jack Kissing-Rose’s Hand 3D Titanic Wallpaper

15. Titanic Wallpaper

16. 3D Titanic Great Ship Sinking Wallpaper

17. 3D Titanic Great Ship Sinking Wallpaper

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