15+ Inspiring Ecommerce Websites

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce is an online shopping store where buying and selling of products and services occurs electronically through internet or other computer networks. It is a trading medium that gives quicker access for exchanging goods and services at both regional and international levels. The designing and the looks of the ecommerce website plays a great role and is a big challenge for the web developers that they should design unique and creative layouts for their website that attracts more customers to sell their goods. Every designer wants its work to be standout as an example to other designers through its inspirational looks. If you are currently designing an ecommerce website than there is a need to see some exceptional website designs that add spices to your work.

As online purchasing had a greater impact in this techy world so there is a need to showcase the website with attractive design. Ecommerce marketing sites are expanding at great speed and it has actually simplifies our lives as it provides quick and easy shopping experience to its customers. There is a need to design ecommerce websites as merchants wants to increase their sale and to attract more customers their stores should give an attractive and popular look. Here we have showcased some unique and attractive online store designs that give an eye catching view to the users.

1. Kohls.com

2. Express.com

3. Officemax.com

4. Target.com

5. Nordstrom.com

6. Overstock.com

7. Sears.com

8. Newegg.com

9. Toysrus.com

10. 6pm.com

11. Victoriassecret.com

12. Proflowers.com

13. Officedepot.com

14. Lightinthebox.com

15. Bestbuy.com

16. Amazon.com

17. Macys.com

18. Topshop.com

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