15+ Interesting Skype Features of All Time

Skype is the best way to stay in touch and communicate with family and office team members. Skype was first time released in 2003 and with its latest new version it provides voice, video and text communication up to a new level. It helps to authorize business and corporate communities with its best possible facility while providing connections in collaborative support of mobile devices without the expenditure of money.

It is very simple software that helps the users to make and receive calls, group conferences video calls. It can easily run on personal PCs as well as on mobile devices. It has actually broadened the communication network range for both home and business users. The users are very much dependent on Skype more than anything for communication, collaboration and to share the files.

Skype offers many services like screen sharing file transfer, conference calls and above all group video calling with high quality sound and video. It has many useful features that enhance the overall usage of Skype.

Skype is very much famous for its free video calling service and it is very different from those we use every day to stay in touch with the friends and family. There are also few add-ons that add lots of wonderful features to this all time favorite video chat software for windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

Skype has now emerged into many social networking sites specially Facebook to have free PC to PC video calling. It is very well known that it offers the cheapest video calling facility through PC, laptops and even mobile phones. Skype is a great tool that provides free international calls and it has been succeeding throughout the world from the past 10 years. It is very business friendly software that has dedicated itself for the business users. Although every one now is very familiar with Skype and its facilities, but here we have listed some best Skype features of all time.

1. Video Calling on Skype

2. Call Phones and Mobiles

3. Skype to Skype Calls

4. Conference Calls

5. Group Video Calling

6. Online Number

7. Call Transfer

8. IM at your Fingertips

9. Skype WiFi

10. Send SMS texts from Skype

11. Skype To Go Numbers

12. Caller Identification

13. Voicemail

14. Never Miss a Call with Call Forwarding

15. Screen Sharing

16. Send Files

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