15+ Most Popular Social Websites on Internet

Social websites are the most used websites around the world that has exploded across the web. The social sites are becoming increasingly popular and are easier to use. The social networking provides a social messaging platform that has lead their popularity into the top ranking sites.

Social networking websites encourages and promote interaction between communities of different groups by allowing them to share and post their personal information, get involved in communication with other users and connect with the personal profile of others. Mostly social networking websites are open for everyone, sometimes they are open to people of certain ages or to those who belong to specific community or occupation.

The websites are very popular for making friends, make you more socialized and also for the marketing of internet business. These sites are very important for your search engine optimization. Your site gets more importance if it’s shared on these social sites and for this it’s necessarily important to make your site familiar with these sites.

The members of different social networking groups get connected by posting blogs, messages, videos and music files or chat with each other. It allows the members to promote themselves and their interest by sharing their personal profile and other information and interests with the other persons who are interested in associating. Many webmasters and developers know only few social networking sites. Below is the list of most popular social networking websites on internet.

1. Facebook.com

2. Twitter.com


3. Linkedin.com

4. Pinterest.com

5. Plus.google.com

6. hi5.com

7. Myspace.com

8. Bebo.com

9. Badoo.com

10. Tagged.com

11. Friendster.com

12. Kiwibox.com

13. Classmates.com

14. Meetup.com

15. Orkut.com

16. Habbo.com

17. Ning.com

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