15+ Most Popular Thunderbird Plugins

Thunderbird is the safest and fastest email client that is easy to use. It has many great features like quick message search, customizable views, RSS support and much more. It is the most common application that people used for desktop email. Thunderbirds can easily be customized with any add-ons. It is a popular email application from the Mozilla that can be used freely. It has a quality to add-ons and includes all the necessary features for managing your email.

There are tons of plugins available for thunderbird that may make your application more productive and useful to you. Here we have highlighted many thunderbird plugins that are highly useful and is a fantastic replacement for the outlook of your website.

1. Adblock Plus

2. FlashGot

3. Personas Plus

4. Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus

5. Lightning

6. Text Link

7. Stylish

8. FoxyProxy Standard

9. Provider for Google Calendar

10. Image Zoom

11. Password Exporter

12. SQLite Manager

13. Quick Locale Switcher

14. gTranslate

15. JavaScript Debugger

16. MinimizeToTray revived

17. ReminderFox

18. Extra Folder Columns

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