15+ Useful Painting Tutorials for Photoshop Lovers

Photoshop is the most powerful tool in web designing and it’s the simple but the most important feature and with the help of Photoshop the designers can create flawless photographic images and paintings.

The word that comes in mind by thinking of painting is the Photoshop that covers all the aspects of design. It’s a pacemaker for the designer that helps to increase the heart beat of designs. The Photoshop tutorials are the most read subject on internet that help to improve the designer’s skills but also help them to become a perfect designer. This helps to learn numerous functions and features to become a master in Photoshop as it’s a tough and extremely difficult field.

Photoshop application is a digital imaging that is most widely recommended by the graphic designers. There are many advantages when using these various tools that exist with these applications. These Photoshop applications allow creating and producing work of high art and artistic. There are many applications in the Photoshop world that produce various kinds of image effects, photo manipulation, abstract designing and several other design features in satisfying quality.

The Photoshop tutorials are really very helpful that help the designer to learn the step by step procedure according to the tutorials and after learning through these tutorials the designer definitely get the type of design they want. The tutorials not only teach and assist but they will also guide on how to use these Photoshop tutorials to enhance their designs and skills to become a professional designer.

Here we have gathered much different type of painting tutorials that will help to learn many amazing features of the graphic design software to give stunning photo effects and it covers every field including text, poster, abstract, painting, logo etc.

1. How to Paint a Fantasy Portrait From Scratch With Photoshop

2. Create a Photo Realistic Motorcycle Helmet in Photoshop

3. Create a Science Fiction Environment With Photoshop

4. Create a Colorful Fantasy Digital Painting in Photoshop

5. Create Fan Art for Mortal Kombat’s “Liu Kang” in Photoshop

6. Create a Photo Realistic Digital Painting in Photoshop

7. Create an Evil Queen in Photoshop

8. Turn an Ordinary Photo Into an Avatar Style Portrait in Photoshop

9. Create an Ethereal Gothic Portrait

10. Paint a Fun Alien Diner Scene in Photoshop

11. Paint Realistic Hair Using Photoshop

12. Draw a Character Concept Using Drapery in Photoshop

13. Create a Lava Monster Concept Painting

14. Create a Caricature Painting in Photoshop

15. How to Enhance Photos With a Pen Tablet

16. Create Video Game Cover Art in Photoshop

17. Create a Realistic Soda Bottle in Photoshop

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