15+ World’s Largest Software Companies

There is no doubt the Microsoft is the king of all software companies. Software revenue can be defined as the revenues that are coming from sale of licenses, its maintenance, subscription and support.

A thorough analysis and trends are highlighted within the software industry and the companies are ranked according to annual software revenues. There had been many ups and down in the revenues within the software industry that there was an 18 % growth rate has been seen due to economic crisis. The leading companies have maintained their same position in crisis situation in terms of software revenues.

Just click on the name of company and you will come across a brief explanation of software revenue calculations. There is also a research methodology given for the reader’s convenience that gives a deeper understanding about the composition of the list. Just check out the list of world’s top ranked software companies by revenues in the software industry.

1. Microsoft.com

2. Ibm.com

3. Oracle.com

4. Sap.com

5. Adobe.com

6. Cisco.com

7. Bmc.com

8. Ericsson.com

9. Ca.com

10. Autodesk.com

11. Sage.co.uk

12. Hp.com

13. Symantec.com

14. Emc.com

15. Sungard.com

16. Salesforce.com

17. Nintendo.com

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