15+ World’s Most Expensive Domain Names

Purchasing a domain is like buying a stable stock. Great domains always have high values. There are many premium domains that have shown high performance in the domain market. Extensive domains are highly capable of selling out for big money. There is always brand publicity behind a domain, its resale value and the personal connection that the domain has with a person or company.

It’s simply worth to look at that how much money people spend on them. The list includes most comprehensive domain names that you will find as there are lots of people, companies and universities that have domains that also come in highest sold domain names. The domains actually cost a little but if they are highly recommended by the people they are sold for millions. Each year millions of dollars are exchanged during the resale of domains.

Companies pay a handsome fee for everything related to branding in the business. One might know the top domain names that have ever been sold but exactly how much money have been spent on those top domains? Here below we have mentioned the names of the most expensive domains in the world for your convenience.

1. Business.com

2. Insure.com

3. Internet.com

4. Candy.com

5. Shop.com

6. Autos.com

7. Property.com

8. Prize.com

9. Pizza.com

10. Ad.com

11. Toys.com

12. Diamond.com

13. Website.com

14. Bike.com

15. Creditcards.com

16. Resume.com

17. Bills.com

18. Fish.com

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