20+ Beautiful Designs of Colorful Bangles

Jewelry is a much appreciated gift that is not bounded with the age limit. No matter what your age is it always gives a personal taste and style to your personality. Bangles are wonderful selection of jewelry that is worn in the arm near around the wrist that gives a perfect expression to your personality.

Bangles are the most important and beautiful accessories in jewelry that is usually worn in hand or at wrist. These are very much common in Asian countries especially India and Pakistan. Bangles are made of different materials like glass, plastic, silver, gold and others in different colors and shapes like in round, square or triangle. The bangles fitted with diamond, stones or gems look more beautiful.

Bangles are more common in Indian tradition culture that has a special meaning in every woman’s life. There are very exclusively designed bangles in various colors and sizes that will definitely adorn the beauty of every woman and add colors in their lives.

There are many designs of colorful bangles like lakh bangles, stone bangles, aluminum bangles, glass bangles etc. Just have a look at these mind blowing and beautiful bangles. These are simple and elegant out of which many are adorned with studs making the designs very elaborate and fancy. These are of amazing colors that will definitely complement with the outfit that you have in your closet.

1. Stone Studded Orange and Golden Bangles

2. Stone Studded Black and Golden Jhumar Bangle

3. Stone Studded Lemon, Green and Golden Jhumi Bangle

4. Stone Studded Golden and Blue Jhumar Bangle

5. Silverplated Lemon Green Metal Jhumar Bangles

6. Stone Sudded Orange and Golden Diamond Bangle

7. Stone Studed Golden and Lemon, Green Bangle Set

8. Stone Studed Golden and Blue Bangle Set

9. Stone Studed Golden and Blue Bangle Set

10. Stone Studded Wine and Golden Jhumi Bangle

11. Stone Studded Black and Golden Bangle Set

12. Stone Studded Orange and Golden Bangle

13. Stone Studded Goldplated and Green Bangle

14. Stone Studded Purple and Golden Diamond Bangle

15. Stone Studded Green and Diamond Bangle

16. Silverplated Light Fusicha Pink Bangle Set

17. Stone Studded Sea Green and Golden Diamond Bangle

18. Stone Studded Yellow and Golden Diamond Bangle

19. Stone Studded Green and Golden Diamond Bangle

20. Stone Studded Mehendi Green and Golden Diamond Bangle

21. Stone Studded C. Green and Golden Diamond Bangle

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