20+ Best ASP.NET Tutorials for Developers

ASP.NET is web developing tool that builds web pages and websites by the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or server scripting. It is a Microsoft technological tool that is designed to activate the server page technology. It is widely used with several programming languages including the new version of visual basic. There are so many concepts and features to learn while starting with ASP.NET. There are many sources that help to learn the basics of ASP.NET and help you to work out with small ASP.NET projects.

The internet has provided an opportunity that it can teach everything related to web applications. These tutorials will show how to learn and create a dynamic data with a focus on understanding the basic concepts of ASP.NET for web applications. There are step by step instructions provided in these tutorials along with the pictures that help to create ASP.NET websites very quickly and easily. Many different developmental models and designs are supported by ASP.NET as there are many PHP tutorials that provides introduction to ASP.NET.

Here we have compiled a list of many free best resources that helps to learn ASP.NET as it includes many text and video based ASP.NET tutorials for learning.

1. How to Search a Website Using ASP.NET 3.5

2. ASP.NET for PHP Developers

3. Developing Usable (.NET) Components

4. .NET LINQ from Scratch

5. How to Add Custom Configuration Settings for an (ASP).NET Application

6. ASP.NET from Scratch: SQL Server

7. A jQuery UI and .Net Image Organizer

8. How to Build a Simple Twitter Widget with ASP.NET

9. ASP.NET from Scratch: Master Pages

10. ASP.NET from Scratch: MVC

11. ASP.NET from Scratch: Routing in MVC

12. ASP.NET From Scratch: Controllers and Simple Model Validation

13. How to Build an RSS Feed with ASP.NET

14. Create ASP.NET Server Controls from Scratch

15. Extend your .NET Applications with Add-ons

16. ASP.NET and AJAX

17. ASP.NET from Scratch: Views


18. ASP.NET from Scratch: Views with MVC3

19. Getting Started with Umbraco: New Premium Series (The Full Series)

20. The Ins and Outs of WebMatrix: An Introduction

21. The Best Way to Learn ASP.NET

22. ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls with Client-Side Functionality

23. Building an ASP.NET MVC4 Application with EF and WebAPI

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