20+ Best Collection of Incredible Maya Tutorials

Maya is a software application that plays an important role in 3D visualization and animation and it’s the top choice of many designers. Have you ever thought and wonder that how animated films are made? Maya has now officially been acquired by Autodesk as it was initially been developed by the film industry.

Maya is simple, powerful and 3D computer graphic software that has been developed by Alias Software. It is a texturing and rendering application with all needed tools to do every kind of imaginable animation from simulation to animalize characters.

It has now been used in designing, giving visual effects, games, films and in animation movies. It can highly be customized and can be used in many major industries. Maya is highly adoptable to any workflow and can easily be customized that suits to every kind of software productions.

There are many tutorials that are related to Maya topics especially for the beginners and advanced users that cover almost everything from modeling to Maya rendering process.

Everyone looks for some great free resources, tips, tricks etc. Each day we work hard to find new appliances and advancing designs. Here we have collected an incredible list of Maya tutorials that are best on the web.

1. Maya MEL Procedural Modeling for Artists – UIs

2. An Introduction To Fryrender In Maya

3. “Next-Gen Armored Car” Day 5 – CG Premium Tutorial

4. Quick Tip: MentalRay Proxies

5. Create An Amazing Unfolding Effect In Maya Using Morrisfold

6. Create A Realistic Explosion In Maya Using Maya Fluids

7. Creating Depth Of Field Using Maya Z-Depth Passes And Photoshop

8. Quick Tip: Creating A Simple 3D Puzzle In Maya

9. Create A Stylized Character With Maya And ZBrush, Retopo

10. An Introduction To Character Lighting Concepts In Maya

11. Create Awesome Cloth Simulations using nDynamics in Maya

12. Modeling Tips & Tricks For New Artists

13. Building A Complete Human Character Rig In Maya, Global Control and Skinning – Tuts+ Premium

14. An Introduction To Backburner And Render Farms

15. Model, Light & Render Realistic Diamonds in Maya with MentalRay – Tuts+ Premium

16. Build a Reusable Light Rig in Maya

17. CG Award Winner ‘Fredi Voss’ Shows How to Make a Dead Tree Trunk in Cinema 4D

18. How to Create an Awesome Fire Effect Using Maya Fluids

19. An Introduction to IBL and AO using 3Delight in Maya

20. Animate a Stylised Musical Motion Graphic with Maya and After Effects

21. How to Create a Realistic Looking Dirt Layer using Maya Transfer Maps

22. Create a Cool Looking Molecule Effect in Maya and After Effects

23. Composite a 3D object into video footage with Boujou, Maya and After Effects

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