20+ Customized Folder Icons for Designers

There are many different styles of icons that can be customized through specialized tools and other resources. The icons that have been in our devices now actually have become a part of our lives and we use them every day.

The icons that we are using from past many years do not helps in finding searches especially in the case when you do not remember the folder name. There are many applications that help to customize the icons and you can use to create custom icons for your folders and files. The customized folder icons can simply be created by using an image or photograph and you can even drag it into your custom icons library.

There are many stunning icons that we are using now days in our computers and mobile devices in order to give a unique look to our folders and files. We had never thought of getting an idea to customize the icons that gives more appealing look. The icons of the systems come up with more stylish and improved versions. Here we have listed many beautiful designs of icons that have been created for your enjoyment. It’s a pretty easy work to customize the folder icons that gives an amazingly creative look. Sort the icons from our customized list.

1. Folder My Video Icon

2. Folder Icon

3. Folder Home Folder Icon

4. Folder My Music Icon

5. Blue Folder Icon

6. Folder iphone Icon

7. Folder Compressed Icon

8. Folder Public Music Icon

9. Folder TV Twilight Icon

10. Folder Xmas Tree Icon

11. Folder Archive Zip Icon

12. Folder Green Pictures Icon

13. Folder Icon

14. Folder Games Icon

15. Folder Season Pack Icon

16. Folder Generic Green Icon

17. Folder Kashiyuka Icon

18. Folder Sharepoint Icon

19. Folder Users Icon

20. Folder Pictures Icon

21. Folder Data Icon

22. Folder Downloads Icon

23. Folder Arrow Up Icon

24. Download Folder Icon

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