20+ Essential Firefox Add-ons for Developers

Firefox is the most used browser that has made the development of web easier and simpler. Firefox is the most widely used browser and it features many essential add-ons for the web developers. It is very popular among the web designers and developers as they can easily integrate with the Firefox in order to simplify the design and development work. In such competitive world it’s difficult to stay at the top among the browsers list that can do a lot of work. There is a very large library that includes great add-ons that enhances the browsing speed. Among these all there are many that are very suitable for the web designers and developers.

It’s a fact that web designers and developers love Firefox as it has endless amount of functionalities that cannot be found in any internet browser. The greatest functionality of Firefox is to install add-ons to anything. This is an extremely useful function for the web developers.

There are many cool add-ons of Firefox that had made the job of the website designers very accessible. There are many useful Firefox add-ons that we use very much in our daily work. As there are so many different add-ons that are available to download it’s a bit difficult which one to choose. Here we have compiled some essential Firefox add-ons that every designer needs as these are very helpful in making website development very easy. Hope you like this collection and find these add-ons valuable.

1. Firebug

2. ColorZilla

3. Pixlr Grabber

4. Screenshot

5. NoScript

6. Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant

7. FireFTP

8. Web Developer

9. Text Link

10. FirePHP

11. SQLite Manager

12. QuickJava

13. Screengrab

14. Autofill Forms

15. Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus

16. Image Zoom

17. Flagfox

18. Ghostery

19. Test Pilot

20. Stylish

21. ColorfulTabs

22. BetterPrivacy

23. User Agent Switcher

24. JavaScript Debugger

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