20+ Most Popular Web Design Blogs to Follow

Do you have a creative mind, love for technology and lots of amazing new ideas than graphic designing is the right choice for you. It’s really important to create something extraordinary, while working in a strict deadline all you need is a good idea. It’s best to take a break in stressful situation and look for some inspirational designs.

There are different purposes for doing web design some do it for exposure while some do it for clients. Designing blogs are very valuable to a graphic designer because people come and read the posts so that they can stay updated with the latest news. The blogs contain lots of helpful tutorial that gives different inspirational and impressive resources. If the quality of the content inspires than the reader will love to come again or may subscribe to the daily updates.

Today every web designer is running its own blog delivering the higher quality of good news especially regarding the web designing. There are many top web design blogs that are very beneficial for a professional graphic designer. These fresh portfolios will definitely fascinate its readers and provide you fun as it will give you a chance to discover new blogs having an excellent content.

Below listed are the best blogs including tons of different resources and links that will help to become the best web designer ever. Sharpen your skills and learn the new ones.

1. Smashingmagazine.com

2. Naldzgraphics.net


3. Webdesignledger.com

4. Smashinghub.com

5. 1stwebdesigner.com

6. Dzineblog.com

7. Dzinepress.com

8. Webdesignbooth.com

9. Vandelaydesign.com/blog

10. Inspiredm.com

11. Webdesignerdepot.com

12. Webdesignerwall.com

13. Ozoneeleven.com

14. Designbeep.com

15. Smashingapps.com

16. Webdesigndev.com

17. 2expertsdesign.com

18. Onextrapixel.com

19. Speckyboy.com

20. Sixrevisions.com

21. Noupe.com

22. Designm.ag

23. Hongkiat.com

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