20+ Superb Collection of Chinese Photography

The photography was invented and soon began in china with the arrival of European photographers. There are many photographic studios in all the major cities of China where portraits are also designed for family occasions.

Photography is the flourishing art form in China with the collection of rare photographs that tells the country’s long history and widely displays ongoing changes between ancient traditions and modernization.

The photographers cover ordinary street life, major wars, and other prominent figures and affluence that Chinese adopted as hobby. Photography in China is also used for recreation in newspapers, magazines, political propaganda and fine arts photography.

There exhibitions covers the experimental art from the mainland of China to contemporary art and also covers photography in many other ways to explore and represent the culture of China. Like many other countries in the world China has made photography an integral part through the dramatic use of new technologies. Here is some great collection of Chinese photography, hope you will like it. Enjoy!

1. China Beauty Wallpaper

2. Park in China Wallpaper

3. China Girl Wallpaper

4. China Town Wallpaper

5. Great Wall of China Wallpaper

6. Swamp Park China Wallpaper

7. Birds Nest China Wallpaper

8. The Great Wall Of China Wallpaper

9. Public Park in China Wallpaper

10. Beautiful View of China Wallpaper

11. The Birds Egg in Beijing Chian Wallpaper

12. China Lake Wallpaper

13. China Nature Wallpaper

14. Gui Lin China Wallpaper

15. Great Wall China Wallpaper

16. Dali Blue

17. Fire

18. Deep

19. Tranquility

20. Chinese Opera Face

21. Beyond The Fog

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