20+ Top Android Tools for Web Developers

Android is the second most popular operating system for the mobile devices that is actively in use to run Smartphone’s and tablets. Android is gaining popularity day by day as it is an open source proposal having Google at its back. Android tools help the developers in many different ways and every tool has its unique and different quality that makes it useful for developers. It provides a great medium for the developers to work on.

iPhones have become very popular in the short period of time because of its handy and useful applications. But now the Android users don’t have to worry about as Android applications and tools are available in very large numbers and have almost all features very similar to the Apple iPhone application.

Here is some selected collection of best Android tools although it cannot compete in the Apple market but these are very useful for the designers, developers and web workers.

1. Exploring the SDK

2. Managing Virtual Devices

3. Building and Running

4. Android NDK

5. AVD Manager

6. OEM USB Drivers

7. UI/Application Exerciser Monkey

8. SDK Manager

9. ADT Plugin

10. Android Emulator

11. ProGuard

12. Support Library

13. Systrace

14. Platforms

15. Device Monitor

16. Android Debug Bridge

17. Managing Projects

18. Debugging

19. Publishing Overview

20. Logcat

21. SDK Tools

22. Building and Running

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