20+ Top Free Media Players for Windows

Music is the coolest part of human life style that makes your mind and soul to fly above the clouds in this busy and modern life. To achieve this ultimate level good media player plays a very important role.

Media players for the windows are one of the most known players for the people using windows as their operating system. Window users have lot of many good video players to choose from as they include number of features, ability to play anything and accomplish all your video playing needs. You can actually enjoy the music during your work now with the free entertainment of the media players that will give awesome sound quality and clarity while supporting many media file format.

Do you love spending your time to watch movies? All you need is the best video player to make your hobby fun. Windows have their own media player that is window media player. There are lots of media players that have better features just check out the list and choose your favorite video player for windows.

Today we have gathered some of the best media players for the window users all for free that are capable of playing and enhancing your experience with tons of extra features. You can even watch videos on many media players that will enhance your enjoyment exponentially. Here comes the list from where you can choose your media players.

1. Videolan.org

2. Real.com

3. Winamp.com

4. Jriver.com

5. Bsplayer.com

6. Jetaudio.com

7. Divx.com

8. Inmatrix.com

9. Player.gomlab.com

10. Flvplayer.com

11. Cherryplayer.com

12. Slingbox.com/go/slingplayer

13. Getsongbird.com

14. Passionplayer.com

15. Rulesplayer.altervista

16. Kantaris.org

17. Spider-player.com

18. Karafun.com/karaokeplayer

19. Xine-project.org

20. Xmplay.com

21. Mousaiplayer.com

22. Hi-player.com

23. Xion.r2.com.au

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