20+ Top Proxy Websites to Surf Internet Anonymously

Proxy is an internet server that act as an intermediate requests for clients that are in search of resources from other servers. The clients get connected to the proxy server and request for services like file, connection or websites from other servers. This helps to keep the security of the people anonymously and speed up the access to other resources.

There are many reasons behind browsing the internet anonymously and the most common is that it hides your details on every website so that nobody will find out who you are, what browser you are using, what computer you use and more details. It provides security to your private information that you just leave on any public computer. When someone browses the internet through hidden proxies the websites do not directly send you the request instead it sends it to proxy server directly and shows the proxy server information rather than showing your personal information. These are also used to unblock websites on different organizations and school networks who do not allow access to facebook, twitter etc.

Here are some best free proxy websites for all those users who prefer to browse the internet using a proxy.

1. Smarthide.com

2. Hidemyass.com

3. Hide-my-ip.com

4. Freeproxy.ca

5. Anonymouse.org

6. Onlineproxysite.com

7. Kproxy.com

8. Proxyweb.net

9. The-cloak.com

10. Zend2.com

11. Freeproxyserver.net

12. Freeproxyweb.net

13. Youhide.com

14. Freeproxyserver.ca

15. 4freeproxy.com

16. Websiteproxysite.com

17. Web-proxy.ca

18. Proxybutton.com

19. Proxywebsite.org

20. Edilly.com

21. Anonproxy.eu

22. Fastfreeproxy.info

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