20+ Wonderful Photo Collection of Colored Faces

Colored faces or painting provides fun and entertainment as it is the art of body that offers the best way to advertise any business. After tattoos it’s a new trend to paint the faces as it defines the shading on the face. There are light and darker areas on the face that gives warm and cool tones. They give inspirational color tones so you can get inspiration from them.

There are many fun faces with trendy new look and coloration either with makeup or paint on their face. The colored faces simply change the expression of the people in the photo. There are many professional photos that include everything from color balance to skin tone.

Here is a recent collection of photo series of colored faces captured by different photographers. The faces include different people from different nation and of different age. Every individual is expressing his or her vulnerability that expresses different smiles & shines on individual face. Just have a look at this cool collection of colored faces.

1. Zinco

2. Face it

3. Christian

4. Christopher

5. Uli

6. Mark

7. Zak

8. Jenna

9. Don’t Turn Your Back!

10. Laura

11. Yenni

12. Moise

13. Michelle

14. The Girl with the Colorful Face

15. Fox bay

16. I Am Adidas – II

17. I Am Adidas – Katie Nunez

18. I Am Adidas – II

19. Holi in Bundi

20. I Am Adidas – I

21. Elya

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