20+ Wonderful Shiny Silk Textures

In the world of graphic and web designing textures are the most important components. The high quality textures are more in use as a background of your website or a part of graphic design. They give a great attraction and add beauty and depth in your designs.

Textures come in many types and colors and are used in different kinds of art work. Silk shiny textures give a soft, smooth and silky effect at the background purely free from any scratchy touch. It gives the texture feeling as realistic as possible. It gives a decent free texture affect all around the design.

There is a great collection of free colorful silk textures for designers that help them in their project works.

1. Silk Cloth with Pattern

2. Red Metallic Silk Fabric

3. Silk Cloth Texture

4. Red Silk Fabric Texture

5. Silver Silk Texture

6. Red Black Floral Silk

7. Copper Silk

8. Blue Silk

9. Pink Tiger Silk

10. Silk of Blood

11. Aquatic Silk Texture

12. Silk Dragon Texture

13. Qing Silk

14. Silk Texture

15. Silk Curtain

16. Silk Texture

17. Silk Texture

18. Ribbed Blue Silk Texture

19. Red Silk Fabric Texture

20. Wrinkled Brown Silk

21. Gold Satin Fabric Texture

22. Purple Silk

23. Silk Material Texture

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