25+ Amazing Examples of Wild Horses Photography

Horse is a very adorable animal and photographers will definitely spend a good time to capture these amazing pictures of horses. Wild horses are mostly present in the west of America and one has to do some safety precautions while approaching to disrupt them. Horse is the most beautiful creature and they are a combination of beauty and power. Capturing the images of horses is a unique photography and it is the most photographed creature on earth.

Horses have a very true relationship with the humans. Horses hold a very honorable place in human’s heart in many cultures. There are many domestic horses as well but most are wild. There are many species of horses but only one species of horse is specialized in everything from wagons to racing. The group of these types of horses can easily be found in many places around the world.

The wild type of horses usually gathers in groups of 3 to 20 animals. It is always lead by a stallion that is a mature male horse with a group of mares that are females along with foals. When the young males grow up and become colts the stallion took them along and they roam with younger male till they can gather their own band of females.

There is a need of some really good skills and patience while doing the photography of horse. One has to take a lot more care for the usage of right equipment, timings and most important of all the lightning. Here we have shared a great collection of beautiful photographs of horses for inspiration that are the most prominent art work. These are totally wild horses that are not fed, fenced and cared by man. These pictures are captured in many seasons and conditions surrounded by nature. These photos are a true representative of horses in the desserts. Enjoy this lovely collection and don’t forget to share your views.

1. Run on the Water

2. Wild at Heart

3. Chase

4. Best Friends

5. Wild in Colorado

6. Born Free

7. Wild Equine Exuberance

8. Wild Horses

9. Blondie

10. Curious Koniks

11. One Foggy Morning in August

12. Wild Horse of Namib

13. Wild Horses

14. They Wanted a Close Up

15. Wild Horses

16. Wild Horses

17. Wild Horse (cv)

18. Not wild horses

19. Wild Horses

20. Group of Camargue Horses Galloping Through Water (2)

21. Wild and Free

22. Title

23. Wild Horses

24. Horses

25. Wild Horses

26. Corona’s Band

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