25+ Awesome Colorful Backgrounds for Inspiration

A background gives the design a versatile look in many ways. There came a time while surfing or searching the internet that the background elements catch your attention. These colorful background designs actually work as a great source of inspiration to your design. It gives a colorful experience to the eyes and it actually attracts the viewer’s attention bringing joy to the human brain.

It’s actually the background that brings life to the design. A simple and plain background actually gives a look that something is missing. Make your content alive by adding appropriate background in your design. If you’re desktop have wallpaper that gives a dull look than spice it up with something cheerful. There is a great collection of some inspiring background that will surely refresh your mind.

The most common challenge that everyone face while designing a website is an effective color scheme. Colors are great way to express mood and it gives a pleasing effect to your mind and soul. Check these colorful examples of backgrounds, icons and textures. Its worth to look at these colorful backgrounds designs that give a great inspiration and let you creates some awesome web design.

1. Artificial Rainbow

2. Rainbow Tubes

3. Rainbow Descent

4. Zodiac Background

5. Rainbow Socket

6. Colorful Candy

7. Convoluted Colorful Ramble

8. Moonlit City

9. Allure of Spectrum

10. Rainbow Balls

11. Rainbow Spiral

12. Sucker Rainbow

13. Rainbow Stars

14. Rainbow

15. Rainbow Flower

16. Unbalanced Color

17. Glass Rainbow

18. Colorul Waves

19. Unbreakable Colours

20. Heart Abstract

21. Abstract background

22. Colorful Mashup

23. Nine Colorful Balloons

24. Heart Lollipops

25. Abstract Colorful Background

26. Markers

27. Abstract Light Strings

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