25+ Beautiful Corporate Websites Collection

Corporate designs are the normal web designs that just add a taste of ethics and royal business culture in their designs. These qualities cover every area of the corporate world while combining the simplicity and beauty to attract the customers. It does not only focus on website design but give special attention to fonts, content alignments, images combined in a neat and sober way.

Web designing is actually a way to convey information in the direct, clean and usable manner. A corporate website design is the one that captures the feel of the company in a way to expose its purpose maintaining the professional flow to obtain a solid and long lasting impression to its customers.

A good design with great resources like excellent combination of layout, textures and patterns gives a creative and different output with variety of innovative designs. But when it comes to design corporate website than variety of things has to be kept in mind like simplicity, readability, presentation and accessibility.

There is a need of effective and professional website for each company to compete in this marketplace. The website should be unique that reflects accurate representation of the company’s profile.

Here is a compilation of beautiful corporate websites of different styles from automobile to fashion wear. The given below corporate designs are a good source of inspiration for those who are looking simple designs with nice color combination.

1. Microsoft.com

2. Coca-colacompany.com

3. Hsbc.com

4. Att.com

5. Nestle.com

6. Hp.com

7. Mbusa.com

8. Pepsico.com

9. Siemens.com

10. Canon.com

11. Apple.com

12. Oracle.com

13. Samsung.com

14. Gillette.com

15. Sony.net

16. Ibm.com

17. Adobe.com

18. Nokia.com

19. Ge.com

20. Bmw.com

21. Cisco.com

22. Thewaltdisneycompany.com

23. Toyota-global.com

24. Dell.com

25. Honda.com

26. Google.com

27. Mcdonalds.com


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