25+ Beautiful Examples of Mickey Mouse Cartoon

It is a character based series of animated films short produced by Walt Disney studios. Mickey Mouse is the star Disney’s most famous cartoon characters that have been regularly released from 1928. Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular and famous cartoon characters of Walt Disney. Their first animated films series was made released in 18 November 1928 to which the Walt Disney Company give Mickey’s exact birth date. Mickey has come up in dozens of Disney shorts and animated feature film. There is a theme park of Disney where Mickey mouse became chef host and millions of people came to visit.

Here are some gorgeous collection of colorful cartoon images and wallpapers created by most talented artists around the globe. This is a free collection of Mickey Mouse cartoon wallpapers, just have a look at this and grasp the one that you like to set it at the desktop of your computer.

1. Mickey Mouse

2. Epic Mickey

3. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

4. King Mickey

5. Mickey Mouse

6. Mickey Mouse Vector

7. Mickey

8. Mickey

9. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

10. Mickey Mouse

11. Mickey Mouse

12. Mickey Mouse

13. Mickey Mouse

14. Mickey Spew

15. Mickey Mouse

16. Senator Mickey

17. Mickey Mouse

18. Mickey Mouse and Pluto

19. Mickey

20. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

21. Mickey Mouse

22. King Mickey

23. Mickey Mouse

24. Mickey Mouse

25. Caffeinated Mickey

26. Mickey

27. Mickey Mouse

28. Sorcerer Mickey

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