25+ Best Online Payment Gateway Systems

A gateway is an ecommerce service that connects your ecommerce website to your merchant account. It authorizes payments for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks or traditional brick and mortar. It protects the detail of the credit cards by encrypting sensitive information like credit card numbers, ensuring that the information is securely transferred between the merchant and the customer and also between merchant and payment processor.

It facilitates the online payments by securing the order with the account of specific merchant at a processing bank. The data is submitted to the gateway which is then presented to the processing bank. The bank gives response to the data and returns it to the site of origin so that it can be handled appropriately. It is difficult to connect a payment card service to the credit card processing networks instead the payment gateway provides necessary security and infrastructure that ensure secure, fast and reliable transactions.

So are you looking for your own ecommerce website? The most important problem you will face is to choose a gateway to handle credit card payments. Here we have discussed some of the popular gateways while exploring the ins and outs of the services they provide. These are some top online payment gateway systems that accepts payments on the web.

1. Authorize.net

2. Worldpay.com

3. Paypal.com

4. Checkout.google.com

5. Worldpay.us

6. Visa.com

7. Mastercard.com

8. 2checkout.com

9. Indiapay.com

10. Westernunion.com

11. Moneybookers.com

12. Securepay.com

13. Eway.com.au

14. Easypayway.com

15. Sagepay.com

16. Paypoint.net

17. Americanexpress.com

18. Bluepay.com

19. Mastercardpaymentgateway.com

20. Fastcharge.com

21. Camtech.com.au

22. Merchantexpress.com

23. Zaakpay.com

24. Monsterpay.com

25. Bnggateway.com

26. Realexpayments.co.uk


27. Clickpay.com

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