25+ Charming Butterfly Photos Collection

There are many interesting subjects that are so perfect to be photographed. Among these subjects butterflies are one that has incredible and diverse collection. Photographer just adds a little photographic skill and it gives an outstanding results. These are very high ranked butterfly’s photos that are pretty high on the ranking scale.

With the origin of natural beauty there are many butterflies that have different and fantastic colors. A butterfly reveals the color of nature. There are about 24,000 different kinds of butterflies in the world ranging in size from a tiny inch to a huge size of 12 inches. Beautiful butterflies give an inspirational view as they truly performed miracles of the nature.

There are many inspirational butterflies that are designed digitally in Photoshop. These are really cool butterflies as they look real like they are flying naturally in air. I hope that you will enjoy this great collection and share it with your friends. The butterflies reveal the spirit of genuine beauty. Just check out the lovely butterfly photos by talented artists for your screen savers and wallpapers.

1. Butterfly Wallpaper_88501

2. Butterfly Wallpaper_87903

3. Butterfly Wallpaper_88280

4. Yellow Butterfly Wallpaper_96983

5. Beautiful Butterfly Wallpaper_91061

6. Butterfly Wallpaper_70935

7. Butterfly Wallpaper_65513

8. Butterfly Wallpaper_65505

9. Butterfly Wallpaper_65488

10. Butterfly Wallpaper_65478

11. Butterfly Wallpaper_65443

12. Butterfly Wallpaper_65427

13. Butterfly Wallpaper_65409

14. Butterfly Wallpaper_65380

15. Butterfly Wallpaper_65402

16. Butterfly Wallpaper_65341

17. Butterfly Wallpaper_31383

18. Butterfly Wallpaper_65316

19. Butterfly Wallpaper_65304

20. Butterfly Wallpaper_65296

21. Butterfly Wallpaper_65251

22. Butterfly Wallpaper_65253

23. Butterfly Wallpaper_64900

24. Butterfly Wallpaper_65240

25. Butterfly Wallpaper_65209

26. Butterfly Wallpaper_65179

27. Butterfly Wallpaper_65165

28. Butterfly Wallpaper_65118

29. The Butterfly Wallpaper_50170 

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