25+ Elegant Wedding Fonts for Designers

It’s very complicated to choose a script font when you are designing a formal wedding invitation. There are several factors that have to be kept under consideration. What is necessarily important while looking for the best font for a wedding event? The scripted font should be beautiful and romantic and should be formal written with suitable and practical size for the invitations. The fonts should be stylish and elegant and is perfect to use for a wedding ceremony.

Designers use many kinds of fonts from free fonts to clean, elegant and yet stylish fonts that gives a finishing touch to a design. Stylish and elegant fonts can be used effectively by matching them with equally elegant photos or images. Scripts are mostly used formally, like for wedding invitations, formal dinner parties, and scrap books. Everything is very essential from upper and lower cases, numbers to punctuations and there is also a need of special characters if the font is used for multiple purposes.

Here we are showcasing some elegant wedding fonts that can be downloaded for free. The below given fonts are personally very useful that are designed by professionals. Download them easily in just a single download pack.

1. Yana

2. Semilla

3. Nelly Script

4. Krul

5. Black Swan BF

6. MFC Noir Monogram

7. Nadia

8. PF Champion Script Pro

9. Jackie Sue BF

10. Belluccia

11. Wedding Doodles Too

12. Bombshell Pro

13. Aire

14. Quarzo

15. Poem Script

16. Samantha Script

17. Gioviale

18. Love Portion

19. Legendaria

20. Dear Joe 5 Casual

21. Always

22. Affair

23. Wedding Doodles

24. Corinthia

25. Wedding

26. Mrs Blackfort

27. Lovers Pro

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