25+ Popular Search Engines on Internet

A search engine is basically designed to search information on World Wide Web. The results of the search are usually seen in a line of results that are known as search engine result pages. The information result seen on web pages includes images as well.

Want to search any topic with new findings with the latest images, multimedia, news etc. The search engines helps in finding the nearest and best directories, reviews, show times, latest discussion topics immediately. The online searches has made everything possible whether you want someone’s latest mailing address, phone number or any magazine or journal, mine through thousands of searches in seconds.

There are many popular search engines around the web but there are some that have been known as the best search engines. The most popular search engines are the one that are a good search engine and are well known for image searches, video searches, eBooks, business searches etc. They also come up with the best search engine capabilities regarding any research work or scholars.

We have gathered here some search engines with some of its major aspects that why they are great and popular search engines on internet. Check this top list of our search engines with full details. This list will guide you with the best search engine on the web that why these are considered as the major search engines? For the web masters well known and well used search engines are the most important places to generate more traffic. These search engines are very well maintained and are upgraded with the passage of time.

1. Google.com

2. Yahoo.com

3. Bing.com

4. Ask.com

5. Aol.com

6. Blekko.com

7. Lycos.com

8. Altavista.com

9. Excite.com

10. Hotbot.com

11. Dogpile.com

12. Info.com

13. Volunia.com

14. Duckduckgo.com

15. Search.com

16. Mamma.com

17. Gigablast.com

18. Teoma.com

19. Yandex.com

20. Baidu.com

21. Sogou.com

22. Webcrawler.com

23. Infospace.com

24. Mywebsearch.com

25. Go.com

26. Soso.com

27. Goodsearch.com

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