25+ Responsive Magazine Style WordPress Themes

Online magazines or web magazines have become increasingly popular in many traditional and printed magazines. There are many reasons to search for solutions and contents online. There are many magazine style WordPress themes that help to build online magazine by giving it a professional touch. The WordPress themes play a great role by supporting the editorial process. The WordPress themes for magazines are very similarly designed with the blog themes of WordPress having a special page template designed to have a lot of categorized content organized nicely on the front page, having sections, columns and multiple sidebars.

The WordPress magazines have adopted many key elements from printed magazines. There are many layouts designed for WordPress magazine but the most important thing is to showcase the content in an organized and easy manner. The magazine WordPress themes are very popular especially for the bloggers as the good looking designs help the bloggers and writers to gain more subscribers to their magazines. As there are numerous blogs and websites created there is a tough competition going on to design a better magazine style WordPress theme.

Responsive design themes are very much popular these days on internet. There are many responsive themes that have been added here. Here we collected some best style WordPress themes that provide better features than any other WordPress themes and that help you started with an online magazine right away. These efficiently designed magazine WordPress themes greatly enhance your magazine that will make your website ahead from others.

1. Morning

2. Telegraph

3. onPlay

4. Magnet

5. Zenko Magazine

6. CadabraPress

7. Pulse

8. Splendid

9. OriginMag

10. Momentum

11. Horizon

12. Tribune

13. Monograph

14. Manifesto

15. Voyage

16. Magazinum

17. Yamidoo PRO Magazine

18. TechCompass

19. Magazine Explorer

20. Daily Headlines

21. LitePress

22. Yamidoo Magazine 2.0

23. SportPress

24. Evertis

25. Zenko Magazine

26. Erudito

27. Discovery

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