25+ Splendid Examples of Magazine Covers

Thousands of magazines are being published each month in high quality. The good ones sets a great impact on the readers due to their well written content but before that their cover photos works as the main inspiring source. A picture tells thousands of words and it also gives a first impression to the readers. The magazine covers give an uncontrolled impact on the readers that they grasp the magazine that have such an amazing cover. Among many magazine only few works as the mainstream for the readers. This is because the others might be deficient in either the quality or quantity of the magazine. The basic most thing that must be kept in mind while publishing a magazine is the cover of the magazine. If the cover of the magazine is not attractive then what ever the content of the magazine include the buyers will not purchase or even go through these magazines.

It is the cover of the magazine that sets a great impression on the buyers that they cannot control themselves to buy the magazine. In this article we have presented some really creative magazine covers that are not only creative but on the other hand are very much inspiring.

1. Wedding Magazine Cover

2. Supernatural the Magazine

3. Magazine Cover Remake

4. Bloom Magazine

5. Cover of Tattoo Scout Magazine

6. Uniq Magazine cover SILA

7. Digital’d Magazine

8. Magazine Style Cover

9. Remedy Magazine Cover

10. Makeup Magazine

11. Magazine

12. VAGUE Magazine

13. Vogue Cover For Present

14. Bloom Magazine

15. Capitol Couture

16. Radikal Magazine

17. Pixel Magazine Cover

18. Move Magazine Cover

19. SPIN Magazine June 2005 Cover

20. Dutch FHM Cover

21. Picture Magazine

22. Skin and Ink Cover

23. AmpUP Magazine Cover

24. TIME Magazine Cover

25. Skin and Ink Cover

26. People Magazine

27. Spirit News Magz Cover

28. Gothic Lifestyle 3 Cover

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