25+ Splendid Examples of Master Chief Artwork

Master Chief is a fictional character that was created by Bungie. It is a playful character in the science fiction video games like Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 3. Besides video games the character appears in many novels. The Master Chief is one of the most prominent characters in Halo game series. The character showcases a towering and faceless super soldier character that has never been seen without green color armor or helmet. It is a popular video game icon that is relatively new among many famous fictional characters like Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Lara Croft.

The character has received a mix response including both the weakness and powerful side of the role. The Master Chief first appear on the screen in 2001 it become instantly hit very soon among all kind of gaming. People love the way they fight for the hoards of hostiles to protect the world. Master Chief succeeded in reaching the ultimate goal through its luck and skills. When people completely enjoy the famous character games then they actually come to direct their attention in drawings.

Master Chief is the most beloved character from the Halo video games that have been a subject of numerous art works in many different mediums. Those who are a great fan of comic book heroes will surely love this great collection that gives an inspirational source. Here we have published some great piece of art work by the fans from the series.

1. Master Chief

2. Master Chief


3. Master Chief

4. Master Chief for Ravenshield

5. The Chief

6. Master Chief

7. Master Chief

8. Halo 3 Master Chief

9. Master Chief Painted

10. The Chief – Close-up

11. Master Chief

12. Master Chief in Halo Reach

13. Master Chief

14. Master Chief GI Joe

15. Halo – Master Chief

16. Master Chief Speed Painting

17. Master Chief

18. Master Chief Transformer

19. Master Chief

20. Master Chief and Flood

21. H3 Master Chief

22. Master Chief

23. Master Chief

24. Master Chief

25. Master Chief

26. Master Chief & I

27. There was a Firefight

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