25+ Splendid Examples of Sephiroth Artwork

Sephiroth is an arch enemy character that is the result of mega-corporation experiment Shinra in which they used extra terrestrial life form cells of Jenova. Sephiroth is the leading fictional character of video game Final Fantasy VII. Its role in the story is different from other villains in Final Fantasy and is designed to contrast directly with the main character of the game. He decided to become God to take the planet control once he discovered its origin that is made of clouds and other protagonist’s games to stop him. The character was very well recognized within the community of video game and has been regularly featuring in top positions. It’s been difficult to defeat Sephiroth in the games and his role has been praised a lot in the story.

There is a lot of artwork seen in the character that has been made into life by many talented artists. These several artwork features Cloud Strife’s enemy. Browse through this great collection of Sephiroth artwork and get inspired by it.

1. Sephiroth and Yazoo

2. Sephiroth

3. Sephiroth

4. CCFF7-Sephiroth’s secret…8O

5. Sephiroth

6. Sephiroth

7. FF7-Sephiroth

8. Sephiroth

9. Sephiroth:3

10. Sephiroth

11. FF7 – Sephiroth

12. Sephiroth

13. Sephiroth

14. ff7: Sephiroth

15. Sephiroth

16. Sephiroth

17. Sephiroth FF7

18. Firestarter Sephiroth

19. Sephiroth

20. Final Fantasy VII – Sephiroth

21. Sephiroth vs. Ice Cream

22. Sephiroth

23. Sephiroth

24. Sephiroth

25. Sephiroth – Solid Silver

26. Sephiroth: Legendary Hero / Imaginary Champion

27. Thy Glory – Sephiroth, FF7

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