25+ Top Free Content Management Systems

Building a website through html and CSS was a way couple of years ago. Today there are now millions of content management systems that have made the jobs of the developers and website publishers very much easy.

A web content management system is software that is usually implemented in the web application for creating and managing HTML content. It manages and controls the large and dynamic collection of web material that is associated with html. It facilitates and controls the content of the web, its editing, and many other web maintenance functions.

There are dozens of great CMS that perfectly suits your website according to the type of site you are building. There are many designers and developers that do not spend their time in learning different types of CMS. In fact they just learn one or two and use them in all their sites.

CMS is a server program that creates a website without any pre-existing pages on the server. It interrupts with the data base and builds the page when requested by the browser. It is widely used in publishing the blogs, portal or any social collaboration with the websites. Although there are many popular tools of CMS but there are also lot many more tools that might seems to be of your interest.

Some CMS tools have become quite very common and are among the best CMS out there while some are a bit more concealed. They bring a good combination of support, features and are very easy to use. Just give them a try and then decide that which one suits you best and fits the need of your clients. Have a look at these top free content management system options. Some might be familiar or others might be new to you.

1. Joomla.org

2. WordPress.org

3. Drupal.org

4. Dotnetnuke.com

5. Cushycms.com

6. Modx.com

7. Umbraco.com

8. Silverstripe.org

9. Concrete5.org

10. Textpattern.com

11. Movabletype.com

12. Typo3.org

13. Contao.org

14. Madebyfrog.com

15. Liferay.com

16. Tinycms.designskate.com

17. Miacms.org

18. Cmsmadesimple.org

19. Moinmo.in

20. Dotcms.com

21. Radiantcms.org

22. Refinerycms.com

23. Ellislab.com

24. Alfresco.com

25. Motocms.com

26. Mambo-foundation.org

27. Opencms.org

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