30+ Beautiful Examples of Colorful Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are the special spring eggs that are used to celebrate spring time or Easter holidays. The egg is used to celebrate the rebirth of the earth. It is a very old tradition to dye or paint the chicken eggs but now the modernized world has customized it with chocolate eggs or plastic eggs filled with bakery items such as jelly beans. These eggs are common during Eastertide as they represent the tomb of Jesus. As egg appears like the stone of tomb and the bird hatches from inside to life. Same way the Christians symbolize the Jesus rise from the grave as many people have a strong believe in the internal life.

During Easter holidays one of the most fun creating activity is to color and decorate the Easter eggs. School going children are always very much excited about this activity firstly because they get holidays from school that actually cheers them up to participate actively in decorating Easter eggs either by dipping eggs in dye or by painting or making fun designs with filaments and bristles to make the eggs more colorful.

Easter eggs are available in different shapes and sizes from small mottled to candy coated delights of chocolate, rich egg like beneficence to smothered having delicious icing decorations. In many societies Easter eggs have a strong place as many have raised the decorations of Easter eggs to fine arts. There are infinite options to decorate Easter eggs and kids lead their imagination turn into creativity.

The eggs are sometimes hidden by the Easter bunny for the children to find them on Easter morning or sometimes placed in a basket created with the artificial or real straw to resemble it with birds nest.

Here we have collected some colorful Easter eggs that make you smile and will definitely sharpen up your good old memories that you love to share it with your children. Just check out these excellent ideas for decorating Easter eggs and have fun.

1. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

2. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

3. Easter Colorful Eggs Wallpaper

4. Colorful Eggs Wallpaper

5. Painted Eggs Wallpaper

6. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

7. Colorful Easter Eggs Wallpaper

8. Easter Eggs!!! Wallpaper

9. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

10. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

11. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

12. Red Easter Eggs Wallpaper

13. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

14. Easter Colored Eggs Wallpaper

15. Cheerful Easter Wallpaper

16. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

17. Easter Decoration Wallpaper

18. Happy Easter Wallpaper

19. Decorating Easter Eggs Wallpaper

20. Beautiful Hand Painted Easter Eggs Wallpaper

21. Easter Wallpaper

22. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

23. Chocolate Easter Eggs Wallpaper

24. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

25. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

26. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

27. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

28. Pretty Speckled Easter Eggs Wallpaper

29. Easter Wallpaper

30. Easter Eggs Coloring Pages Wallpaper

31. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

32. Green Easter Eggs wallpaper

33. Easter Eggs Wallpaper

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