30+ Best Android Applications for Developers

It is a mobile based operating system and is a modified version of Linux. It was developed by Android Inc and it provides large number of useful iPhone applications. Android is getting improved day by day while providing number of productive tools and applications. The applications are not only famous among the adults or professionals but are greatly used by the kids.

Today we are going to discuss best Android applications for the web developers and graphic designers that have turned their life very easy. So therefore, we have collected some amazing Android applications for designers with the combination of quality and quantity applications. We have bought you the best apps from the Android market that are most unique and useful. Most applications are not free and they actually cost a little in reward to the developer who had spend their spare time and produce these for your smart phone.

There are many free applications as well but the paid ones are more polished and innovative without any flaw. You can tether, customize, and share data and much more through these incredible applications brought to you by the finest people of the Android team.

1. Arcane Empires

2. Major Mayhem

3. Ninja Fishing

4. Ocean HD

5. Angry Birds Space Premium

6. Cosmic Colony

7. N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit

8. Virtua Tennis™ Challenge

9. Open Sea! (Go Down Mo!)

10 .Big Win Baseball

11. Flags of Asia Live Wallpaper

12. Eternity Warriors 2

13. Fashion Icon

14. Stunt Bunnies Circus

15. Blood & Glory: Legend

16. Granny Smith

17. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

18. Happy Street

19. Great Big War Game

20. Heroes Call

21. Monster Shooter

22. Catch Notes

23. BombsHells: Hell’s Belles

24. Agent Dash

25. Turbo Kids

26. Swing Shot

27. Sonar: Friends Nearby

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