30+ Blockbuster Movie Posters Collection

Who on the earth does not love movies at least in this era it’s very hard to find such persons. It’s always exciting and entertaining whenever there is a time of release for any epic story or animated movies. The same way the blockbuster movies are also quite very popular and its demand increases with the launch of every new movie there comes attractive and stunning movie posters that gives a striking look to the audience. There are many different elements in the movie posters like horror or thriller movies representation in the poster.

Everyone is anxious about the new and upcoming movies. Before their release the audience wants to fill their thirst for the movie through reviews, trailers and as well as by posters. Posters are the cheapest and easiest way to cover your wall.

The scenes of the hit movies can be transformed into movies posters. As these blockbuster movies are very much in demand so it’s quite effective to create the posters patiently. If you want to enlighten up your living space but don’t want to spend much time then posters are a great option. These are simply the best collected posters that are hitting the theaters and cinemas most these days.

Here we are going to showcase the posters of latest and hit blockbuster movies. After seeing the posters I am sure you will make your way towards the big screen. Just check out these wonderful movie posters from biggest summer blockbusters to super hero’s that you will love to decorate your apartment and house.

1. The Expendables 2

2. The Amazing Spider-Man

3. Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

4. Salt

5. The Terminator

6. The Matrix

7. Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides – Group

8. Troy

9. American Beauty

10. Avengers – One Sheet

11. Avatar

12. Shrek 2

13. Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

14. Dark Knight Rises One Sheet Movie Poster Print

15. Hunger Games – Katniss Aiming

16. The Stepford Wives

17. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

18. Rush Hour 3

19. Twilight – New Moon

20. Armageddon

21. Skyfall Teaser

22. Titanic

23. Braveheart

24. Footloose – One Sheet

25. Underworld Evolution Movie

26. The Notebook

27. King Kong

28. The Fast and the Furious Movie

29. Kung Fu Panda 2

30. Puss in Boots

31. Sex and The City 2

32. Inception

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